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Google Messages will soon let you create a user profile, like in WhatsApp

Google Messages will soon let you create a user profile, like in WhatsApp

Google Messages could soon include a feature that allows you to create a profile, as is the case in more popular instant messengers like WhatsApp.

By dissecting Google Messages code version 20231106_01_RC00, journalists were able to 9 TB 5 Google I discovered that the company Mountain View is setting up a profile feature For Google messages. Will it be specific to the enterprise application or will it be delivered within Rich Communications Services, the rich messaging protocol defined by the GSMA? No one can say that yet, but the fact remains that the foundations of this new feature were laid in the software.

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Line in Latest version of Google Messages Available on the Play Store, it attracted the attention of investigators. It reads: “ Choose your profile name and photo so people can recognize you “It seems very simple, not much, but The symbol remains ambiguous. Some netizens already confirm that this is an indicator Present for several weeks In Google Messages, and that the interface, despite its presence, is not activated.

Google Messages may allow you to create one or more user profiles

One Reddit member offers an explanation: “Assuming it works like other apps, You created a profileperhaps with your name, email, photo, etc You decide who can see it, perhaps “Everyone”, “Saved Contacts Only”, “Nobody”, etc. So, if you choose “All”, […] Once someone contacts you via Google Messages, The profile information will appear That saved her.”

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We note that Google is late In instant messaging when it comes to profile management. The world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, is setting up an alternative profile that will allow users to better protect their personal data. Distinguish between personal and private communications.