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Android 13 is about to expire

Android 13 is about to expire

Google has just released the third public beta of Android 13, which is stable enough for developers to enter the final stage of its development.

Only four months after the unveiling Android 13 first previewGoogle has just announced the availability of the third public beta, the one that Mountain View presents as stable. Concretely, this means that the most important features introduced in this major Android update are now complete. Third-party developers can now work on improving their apps for the next version of Android.

Now that this achievement has passed, Google engineers are entering the final stage of development of Android 13, the goal of which will mainly focus on finalizing and optimizing the system.

“With beta 3, Android 13 achieves platform stability, a milestone that stands for all app-related behaviors and APIs. […] It is now final. So, starting with Beta 3, you can confidently develop and release compatibility updates knowing that the platform will not change. […] We urge all app and game developers to start final compatibility testing now and prepare to release compatibility updates as soon as possible before the final release. » Dave Burke, Vice President of Software Engineering in charge of Android, said to the developers address.

A modest update, but not without novelty

Android 13 is a much smaller update than Android 12. However, that does not mean that it is devoid of new features. Thus, Google engineers chose to Emphasis on new options Giving users more control over their data privacy, including forcing apps to ask for your permission to send you notifications, and letting you choose which photos and videos are stored on your device’s accessible apps. Android 13 is also an opportunity for Google to improve the work done with the introduction of Material You in Android 12, by introducing new color variants and opening the icon theme system.

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