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The aurora borealis are increasingly twinkling in the skies over Winnipeg

According to him, the aurora borealis are formed whenElectrically charged particles that come from the sun interact with our Earth’s atmosphere,80 km above our heads.

Robert LaMontagne specifies that these particles are most numerous when the number of solar eruptions is significant.

We’re in the growing part of a cycle of activity that’s expected to peak in late 2024, early 2025. So in the next few years, the number of solar flares is going to increase.Robert Lamontagne explains. It is reported that the sun’s activity cycle is about 11 years.

If particle flux is so important, it has been found to excite particles in the upper atmosphere that produce this luminous phenomenon »

Quote from Robert Lamontagne, astrophysicist

North forecast

Aurora forecasts are possible12 to 24 hours in advanceThanks, Robert Lamontagne warnsspace climate.

Particles take between 12 hours and 3 days to process [après une éruption solaire] to reach the atmospherehe explains.

He adds that the particles are attracted to the Earth’s magnetic poles, which explains why this phenomenon occurs, especially near the north and south poles, although exceptions can occur.

Extreme aurora borealis are sometimes seen on the border between the United States and MexicoReporting by Robert Lamontagne.

The expert advises observing the Northern Lights when the nights are dark, without a full moon and without clouds.

With information from Jeremy Laniel

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