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Telus Cup: Title escapes from Cantonese de Magog in overtime, against Moncton Flyers

Telus Cup: Title escapes from Cantonese de Magog in overtime, against Moncton Flyers

The Cantonese team came close to crowning an unexpected comeback Sunday night in the Telus Cup Final, which was held in Okotoks, Alberta.

However, Estrie’s team had to settle for the silver, after losing 5-4 to the Moncton Flyers in overtime.

No Quebec team has won the Canadian Championship in 21 years now. The last victory for a formation from Quebec dates back to 2001.

Jack Martin broke the deadlock in the first minute of overtime, as the match was three on three. A throw of his wrist just escaped from goalkeeper Louis Felix Charrois.

It was the pilots’ first win in the history of the Canadian Championship Finals, and the second in the history of the Atlantic District.

Alex Durocher and Jules Poullard, whose 10th goal of the tournament was in his seventh game, had allowed Magog to give themselves 2-0 the priority in the first half.

But after four goals in a row from the Flyers, the tide turned, and Cantonese didn’t get much of their power, late in the third half.

At the time, Eli Baillargeon played the champs, scoring his first goal with 1:04 to go into the match, and then doing it again, 16 seconds later, causing panic in the Flyers camp.

After a fifteen-minute break, Stefan Rubidas’ soldiers finally had to admit defeat despite a two-to-one penalty shootout ratio, at 42 to 20.

In the preliminary round, Magog suffered his only loss of the tournament to this team, 4 to 3. Moncton had an impeccable run in the competition, scoring 7-0.

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In the previous two games of the Telus Cup Grand Final, the Cantonese team also had to settle for the silver medal.

In 2023, the Telus Cup will be held again in La Belle County, more than it will be in Saint-Hyacinthe.