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The future of Belaili in Brest in dotted lines

The future of Belaili in Brest in dotted lines

Decisive in the last five Uber Eats first division games, Youssouf Bleili has certainly won Brest’s hearts after a complex adjustment period. Top scorer against Bordeaux on Saturday, Youssef Belily will be the center of attention in the transfer window for Europe’s greens this summer. The main concern for Billy, is whether that future will be written at Prestois Stadium.

Will you stay or won’t you stay Brestua? That is undoubtedly the question that Youssef Belily and Brest supporters are asking themselves at the end of the 2021/2022 Ligue 1 Uber Eats exercise. Reaching the end of the winter transfer window, the Algerian has managed to shine this season in style, scoring three goals and providing an assist in the last five League matches. Exhilarating stats for someone who has been expected in Europe for so many years and who suffered the first part of the season being cut short by the Arab Cup and an amazing end to the adventure at Qatar FC.

Coming on a six-month lease to compensate for the departure of Romain Pfeiffer, Youssef Belily has known over the past weeks his place in the regime of Michel Der Zakarian, who admitted last Friday that negotiations are underway with the player to continue Finistere’s adventure. . She confirmed the significance of half a word for the player himself during an interview with the local press on the sidelines of the last day of the tournament, which he lost to Bordeaux (2-4). Preparing for the upcoming summer transfer window. SB29’s sporting director, Gregory Lorenzi, spoke about the state of the Algerian international, who is still under contract until the end of June, to our colleagues from Quest France.

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Requirements that can differ from Brest capabilities

Gregory Lorenzi arrived with some popular enthusiasm in Brest, returning to the Algerian’s early weeks in Brittany. “People were rough with him at first, as they are with Marco (Bezot). They ruled very quickly. There was a lot of media dumping around Yusef, so people were probably more difficult to deal withLorenzi abounds on this subject. A rather complicated adaptation period before gaining momentum over the weeks, which attracted praise from staff and club management. Reda, which opens the way for negotiations on extending the contract as acknowledged by Gregory Lorenzi during this interview.

If the desire for an extension seems common, the space for negotiations between the two parties appears limited. This is, in any case, the sound of the bell that Breton’s sporting director had cast on the issue of the Algerian extension. “There are discussions but I have a framework that I will respect. If Youssef wants to continue with us, we want that too, but there Things the club can’t doHe says. History to put the angle of negotiations on the financial side that could motivate the player’s entourage in the decision-making of the former master to play ES Tunisia. He has been decisive in recent weeks in keeping Brest in the elite, as Bellil will be tried by several French clubs (Lille, Toulouse, Nice) according to the latest public statements from his father and his agent.

A situation well known to observers in Billy’s career which could lead to a summer full of twists and turns to determine the future destination of the 30-year-old winger. Arguments for staying in Brest in order to continue his rise to a major tournament could convince Pelley. In any case, this is the argument defended by Gregory Lorenzi:By staying with us, he will have the opportunity to re-equip, to better understand the way the coach works, and the rhythm of Ligue 1 to be a more efficient player. But I am not in Yusuf’s head or his entourage.” So the “Billy” series can resume with a vengeance this summer.

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