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Team Rocket found it an original title (rare).

Team Rocket found it an original title (rare).

We'll enjoy a big day of sports in Quebec, while plus CF Montreal on the field at the end of the evening (or… Early at night), both the rocket and Al-Kindi will operate during the next few hours.

This is one of the last days we will be able to take advantage of such a program, as the CH season will end in 10 days.

It was said: It was during The second match Today we will see Justin Barron in action, who has been urgently called up by CH for this evening's match. So he will not be available to provide assistance to Laval since CH needs him this evening.

This morning, Barron answered some questions from reporters. Apparently he was questioned about David Reinbacher, whose actions had been monitored since his arrival in Laval.

However, what caught the attention was the nickname given to Reinbacher by the Rocket Men, while for once we chose an original nickname: he calls himself a pseudonym. unicorn In the school club locker room.

For once we didn't just take a player's name (or diminutive) and add a 'y' at the end, hehe.

We know that the men at Laval were keen to take Reinbacher (or rather unicorn) have been under their wing ever since the young Austrian arrived in North America, and apparently it didn't take long before we found a nickname for him.

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Considering the “difficult” reception some fans gave him at draft time (which took offense to the young man's father), it's good to see that at least it didn't take time for him to feel welcome in the locker room.

As for Barron, he also spoke a little about his own situation, having been sent back to Laval earlier this season. He admits it wasn't necessarily easy and he was disappointed when he found out, but he wanted to pull himself together and work on the aspects of his game that needed him to return to Montreal as soon as possible.

He hasn't had all the good times since being sacked by Laval, but he still has some very big performances that he can build on.

CH clearly seems to think he deserves another chance, while he preferred to call up Baron instead of Logan Mylox for today's match.

Let's see if Baron, who scored the only goal for the Rockets last night, will be able to handle Auston Matthews and his gang this evening, especially since the young defender may already be in the testing phase for next season.

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