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Player says Jets are the biggest scam in the NHL

Player says Jets are the biggest scam in the NHL

Yesterday afternoon, the Jets trailed 0-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes.

But they did not give up and won the match 5-3. Sean Monahan also scored a goal.

As of this writing, Winnipeg sits in second place in the Central Division, two points behind the Stars and first place, but with four games in hand.

Despite its successes in 2023-2024, the club is not unanimous.

As Ryan Whitney said on the podcast sbiten Çeşilts, One player (who preferred to remain anonymous) said the Jets are the biggest scam in the NHL, nothing less.

This player even believes that he will lose in the first round.

And the best part? The Canadian has the team's first-round pick. If the unknown player is telling the truth, Montreal could end up with a higher-than-expected pick.

Right now, according to Tankathon, the Manitoba club has the No. 31 pick because it has the best points percentage in the Western Conference. But it is clear that this initial arrangement means nothing at all.

(Credit: Tankathon)

Whitney did not reveal the identity of the player, but he admitted that he might face the Jets in the first round.

So we know it's a Western Conference and playoff team, which reduces the sample to six clubs.

I can't wait to see if the athlete is right. After all, his unpopular team had won five of their last six games…

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