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"Taming Your Dragon" is a luminous documentary about sobriety

“Taming Your Dragon” is a luminous documentary about sobriety

In his five-year recovery period, model, author, and DJ Yves Salvail met seven alcoholics, of different ages and backgrounds who chose sobriety and who agreed to tell their story. In the documentary “Taming Your Dragon”.

Written and directed by Sophie Fortier, the film takes an empathetic, intimate, and hopeful look at consumption and recovery.

Singer Eva Avila (“Canadian Idol”), actor Sylvain Marcel, influencer Lysander Nadeau and former MP Jill Burrell are among those who have agreed to go on camera.

“We don’t always talk about the light that comes into our lives when we recover, but it is important. Yves Salville, content consultant for the documentary, said in an interview with QMI.

A touching but hopeful documentary

The film is “gratifying, but full of hope. It is a documentary that is really based more on hope than on suffering. We talk about it because we had to go through it, but the message is to say that life is beautiful again,” added the model, who was shown on the face of Especially Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Chanel.

“At the end of use, before I quit, I had no escape doors or life buoys. The dragon took complete control and I didn’t know there was a way out. Little did I know there was hope,” confided Yves Salville, who also recounted her consumption In her autobiography “Soit belle et t’es belle”, published by Éditions de l’homme in October 2020.

“I have spent my life telling myself that happiness comes from without, that things that have happened to me, that have made me sad or angry, or challenges in my life have come from without, but that all comes from the way I respond. […] It’s about taking responsibility and through it all, life goes on. “There are challenges, and harder and sometimes sad times, but the beautiful thing about all of this is that I’m able to stay sober,” she added.

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She also stated that she hopes the film will shed some light on people struggling with substance abuse or their families. “You can tame your dragon,” she said.

Intimate shoot

“Our manager spent a lot of time with each hero. It was important for her to spend the whole day with them, rather than do an hour-long interview,” explained Yves Salville.

“It really allowed the walls and shields to collapse,” she added, noting that the film’s small crew allowed for more closeness and privacy.