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Emily has lost her charm

Emily has lost her charm

Emily in Paris is back. Unfortunately.

Let us first make one thing clear: the author of these lines has fallen under a spellEmily in ParisLast year, they were seduced by the supposed lightness of this simple comedy. But this first series of episodes was clearly enough for a walk around the park.

Today we still find Emily Cooper exactly where we left off. The American sent to Paris is still in the service of knowledge, under the yoke of her chief Sylvie. She’s also, always, torn between her feelings for Gabriel and her friendship with Camille. Ah, and his French is also in good shape, or wobbly.

In short, nothing new under the Paris sun. Above all, nothing brings the Netflix heroine back for ten more episodes.

Squeeze the lemon

However, that’s what we’re doing, squeezing the lemons like never before with a second season that looks more like a finale to season one. We continue to rework the same – already useless – problems simply by adding some new secondary characters. And even after completing the final episode, it’s still hard to discern the common thread, the plot that should logically connect the season.

Another problem: Our dear Emily has lost her lovable, lovable personality. His blunders and blunders are no longer effective. Just as we tire more quickly of seeing French characters keep discussing among themselves in rough English at times, rather than using their own Molière.

So all that’s left are the clothes—branded, of course—on display as they are on the catwalk for New York Fashion Week (or Paris, to be consistent). Sure, it’s gorgeous, just like the landscapes of Paris and its surroundings. But that is far from enough to renew our affection for this once beautiful Emily.

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Emily in Paris Streaming now on Netflix.