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Take the hassle out of mowers with Stihl’s iMow robotic mowers

Take the hassle out of mowers with Stihl’s iMow robotic mowers

Stihl offers three iMow models, the most popular of which are:

the RMI 422 pc For the rooftops of a classic house

iMOW® 4 Series robotic mowers are highly reliable in maintaining lawn areas up to 1,700 square metres. Even the most complex lawns benefit from the iMOW® robotic mower’s innovative cutting technology that uses a double-edged saw blade to cut the lawn with precision.

  • Cuts up to 1700 square meters
  • slopes up to 40%
  • The cutting width is 20 cm
  • Full charge in 90 minutes

the RMI 632 computer for larger areas

More communication features. More options. And more power for lawn areas up to 5,000 square meters! iMOW® 6 Series mowers are powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery. Intelligent charge management can decide if the battery can charge slowly or needs to charge quickly to finish mowing. The robot is at your service at all times.

  • Cuts up to 5000 square meters
  • slopes up to 45%
  • Cutting width 28 cm
  • Full charge in 60 minutes

Download the app and go!

There is no remote control, everything can be controlled from your cell phone. Control iMOW C or PC models of your robotic lawnmower from anywhere with a smartphone app compatible with all iMOW models in this range. The app allows you to configure your mowing plan, read status messages, and pause or start new mowings – all from the comfort of your home or office. The intuitive interface makes it easy to check maintenance information, operating data, and other important robotic lawn mower functions in real time. You can download the iMOW app from the App Store and Google Play.

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Latest cutting technology.

The iMOW robotic lawn mower uses a double-edged saw blade to cut the grass and ensure a precise cut. The blade rotation direction changes automatically each time the blade stops to ensure even wear and long life. While mowing, the iMOW robotic mower shreds and chops the grass into fine particles that return to the ground to serve as an excellent natural fertilizer (or mulch).

Safe and smart.

The iMOW robotic lawn mower is equipped with various sensors. As soon as you try to lift it, the device stops. The iMOW robotic lawn mower can also be configured to operate only with a preset PIN code. A manual stop button provides additional protection. In addition, it automatically changes direction in the event of obstacles.

A robotic lawn mower maintains your lawn on a schedule that works for you, then automatically returns to its charging station when the job is done or when the battery needs a recharge. And if you prefer to cut it at night, don’t worry about the noise, as it’s only 62dB.

Finally, thanks to the ability to centrally change the cutting height, adjusting the robotic lawn mower is a quick and easy process.

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