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Android 14 will make your smartphone more special and beautiful

Android 14 integrates into its source code an improvement for your stuff. A novelty that should add a little pep to your interface.

It’s sad when you have the same phone as everyone else. This is also one of the criticisms regularly leveled at the iPhone, far from ideal.Change the way you think or the message it conveys 1984 commercial. Fortunately, this trend is meant to fade over time, and Android is definitely headed in that direction.

Substance you for a clean interface

With Android 12, Google introduced Material You, a design language (design languagein English) which retrieves the main colors for your wallpaper to adapt them to the operating system as a whole. Of course, not everything was perfect back then, far from it. We had to wait for a still very recent version for these colors to adapt to the icons of third-party applications, for example.

The update to Android 14 should go further by introducing a wider color palette, no longer limited to pastel hues.

No more “loyalty”

the site 9to5Google In Android open source code we discovered 14 new patterns that are called internally “devotionThis color uses much brighter colors than the current version. A discovery confirmed by an official Google account tweet that highlights more intense colors in a video.

Color is subjective. Why design as if everyone sees color the same way? #GoogleDesign #MaterialYou # Material design #design

—Google Design (GoogleDesign) April 27, 2023

If your wallpaper has strong colors in it, those colors should pop to accentuate certain elements of your interface. At the moment it is being washed and so the red is a somewhat dull pink. The same goes of course for the other colors, all faded.

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See you at Android 14

By taking the source code from Google, 9to5Google was able to develop a demonstration implementation of what these new interfaces could look like.

We notice that the button at the bottom right and the star adopt more vivid colors and this also works with a dark theme, which then adjusts to less bright tones, while retaining a colorful hue. Enough to present a wide range of colors to our interfaces.

Note that this will certainly take care of the Pixel, but deployment to devices from other brands can take time. Samsung also offers a similar function with its amusement park Available in the Galaxy Store.

Currently, Android 14 beta does not provide this functionality. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was presented at Google I/O on May 10. This conference should lift the veil on new devices (Pixel 7a, Pixel Tab, Pixel Fold, etc.), new features integrated into Google Apps, as well as Google’s developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

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