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Sylvie Leonard opens up about playing with her daughter in Virage

These days, we can see the actress in the skin of Françoise, a former tennis player, in the series Turn: double fault. At the beginning of March, she will resume her legendary Sylvie d’girl boy Four-ring time. A perfect opportunity to talk to the actress about these two roles and her career that has spanned nearly five decades.

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Sylvie, what can we say about Françoise from the series Virage: Double Fault?

He’s a character with its nuances, even if it’s a fine line. Yes, she is a controlling mom who envisions the career she didn’t have in her son Charles’ career. Yes, she criticizes him a lot, but she loves him deeply and believes in him. This is the paradoxical relationship we wanted to highlight.

This series is about tennis. What is your relationship to this sport?

I am a big fan of tennis! I go to the National Bank Open every year, watch all the major tournaments and tournaments, and know the players. My parents played tennis and I got hooked. I love the sport, of course, but I also love the psychological aspect that comes with it. I find it beautiful, it’s a sport of great power and incredible elegance. The funny thing about all of this is that I don’t play tennis!

It’s your daughter Camille who plays you, younger, in the series, right?

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yes! It makes me happy and entertains me at the same time. It is true that the similarities between us are great and this is the second time that we are in the same project. We have already performed at the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. We are very close and complicit. It gives me great pleasure to play with my daughter and see her development in this profession. She goes her own way, doesn’t follow in my footsteps, and that is as important to me as it is to her. I am so proud of Camille.

This winter we’ll see you in the big return of Un gar, une fille to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. How did the filming go?

very good! We finished filming in early December, and I’m now off for a few weeks before promoting the four episodes of the series. I am very happy with this beautiful comeback. Honestly, I felt, after filming the first scene, that we’d only had a summer break.

I said no often to cancel a. Lapage when he arrived with proposals to return girl boy. Why did you accept this time?

This series is the story of a couple, and I think all the time when our characters have kids at home, it just wasn’t fun. Children who left the nest, we found the intimacy between Sylvie and Jay, and it became fun again. And then, it’s been 25 years, and we wanted to emphasize it. We thought of a one-hour special, but Radio Canada asked for four episodes instead of one, and we knew we had something to say.

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What does this character represent to you?

It is very important, firstly because I created it and take it where I want. I have a lot of freedom with this one and I love it. I am often told that this character looks like me. I say yes, at some points, but at others, I’m the opposite of Sylvie! From the beginning, I wanted to give importance to the archetype of thirty-five-year-old women in all their contradictions.

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Tell me about your great relationship with Guy A. Lepage…

Jay A is a dear friend. He is more than a brother to me, he is a soul mate. I love working with him. We understand each other, which is always fun.

You are 67 years old and almost 50 years into the business. How do you feel about this?

I am proud of my career and that I have been able to learn my trade in groups like Gable Street, among others. When I was a kid, I used to watch this show. So when I found myself in it, I couldn’t believe it! It was a great school with great adults. I have been doing this business for 47 years, and the desire to be an actress has never “appeared”, it has always been there. I was born to do this job. Already, being young, it was clear that I would become an actress. I had no doubts about that.

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Do you have a specific career plan?

No. I always say that I am not “doing” this work, that I am “it”. I had no idea where all this would lead me. I told myself that the role I was going to do would be the one I would be offered. I didn’t have a career plan. I don’t say yes to everything, but for example Françoise’s role in the series Turn: double fault It intrigued me, because I’ve never played such a kind of mom. I would like to play many things: a person who suffers internally and mentally, or an idiot. I loved playing Madeline in it leave it Because I don’t inspire that in life and so it was a great fitting role. If I wasn’t an actress, I would have liked to be a psychiatrist.

Have you ever missed work?

No. There were years when I decided to work less, by choice and because I wanted to be a caring mom. So I refused, for example, that
Doing theater and television at the same time. There, not knowing what my next assignment is, I’m on vacation and enjoying it. I don’t worry too much, I know the right turn will arrive at the right time.

Turn: double faultTuesday, 8 p.m., in Novo. new episodes ofgirl boy It will be online starting March 9th on Extra.

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