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Here's how the next full moon can affect you

Here’s how the next full moon can affect you

The beginning of the weekend will be marked by an important stellar phenomenon: the full moon.

July gives us a full moon on Friday evening at 9:37 pm. Also called a thunder moon, this stellar phenomenon transports us to the mythical universe of Aquarius.

How can the full moon affect our behavior?

1. The need to challenge the rules will be felt.

With the July full moon in Aquarius, you will feel the energy of this astrological sign. Recognizing boldness and rebelliousness, Aquarius will help us free ourselves from some of the barriers imposed on us. This is the time to reinvent the rules of the game, and rethink our way of life!

2. The desire for freedom is undeniable.

Try to see the Aquarius hook! This astrological sign is a free electron who desperately needs independence and freedom. After several months spent at home, many will want to take advantage of the momentum of freedom infused by this full moon. This is the time to let go of the things that make us feel alive.

3. The desire to reconnect with others will be very present.

Very sociable, Aquarius loves to feel surrounded by people. Community spirit is very important to him. At the dawn of a new era, many will feel the need to reunite with a group. Discussions are likely to be smooth, open, and fun! So the weekend of July 23 will be especially attractive.