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Pierce Brosnan pleaded guilty in Yellowstone National Park case

Pierce Brosnan pleaded guilty in Yellowstone National Park case

Pierce Brosnan has changed his strategy.

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Star Mama Mia! He pleaded guilty to going off trail in a thermal area during a visit to Yellowstone National Park in November 2023. Pierce Brosnan, 70, was cited for “riding on foot in all thermal areas and in Yellowstone Valley limited to trails” and “violation.” . of barriers and limits of use,” according to the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming.

In January, the actor's lawyer appeared on his behalf and pleaded not guilty to the “minor crime” and asked for his trial. But this week, Pierce Brosnan pleaded guilty and was fined $500. He was ordered to donate $1,000 to Yellowstone Forever, a nonprofit organization founded to support the national park, by April 1.

Deviating from the marked paths can be dangerous, as the park contains traps. The Yellowstone website states: “In thermal regions, the ground may be just a thin crust over boiling hot springs, and there is no way to guess where the safe path lies. New hazards can arise overnight, and swimming pools are acidic enough to burn shoes, so you should stay within designated walking areas. The Park Service has created trails for easy and safe access to thermal features. »

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