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What are the must-watch hours on Crave? Be inspired by the suggestions of our journalists.

The last of us

The last of us It is by far the best action we’ve seen from a video game. In fact, after watching five of the nine episodes, it’s safe to say that this is just great TV, no matter what inspired it. We were hooked from the start with original characters and a long action sequence worthy of the worst nightmares.

Pascal LeBlanc


cheaters It stands out thanks to the elaborate dialogues, through which many social topics are addressed. Masks falls on discussions of diversity, treatment of elders, and romantic relationships. In short, here we are offered a powerful look at human nature and its gray areas. The success of this niche film is also due in part to its fantastic cast, who skillfully adjust the nuances of the unique score.

Marc André Lussier

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, Journey, Song

The Dan Geller and Dina Goldfein film, which premiered last month at the Tribeca Film Festival, takes a look at Leonard Cohen’s youth and beginnings and retraces key stages in his career. Directors who were inspired by a book by Alan Light called holy and broken, Treat sensitively with the rich materials at hand. Their film is fueled by interviews with a number of Cohen’s relatives and collaborators, and offers rich archival footage (many of the artist’s interviews) and poignant excerpts from concerts.

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Alexandre Vigneault


Maigret A beautiful film that praises the “ordinary” man and woman. While it is a work of cinema, with its elegant framing, refined art direction, and references to Godard, Hitchcock, and the silent cinema. Patrice Leconte deftly and gracefully signs off a touching, sober, and twilight film. The whole fleece is in lace.

Luc Boulanger

Meet me in the bathroom

Meet me in the bathroomFrom his book of the same title, he looks at the rise of the two strokes, yeah yeah yeah and Interpol, who refused to make their date night in New York unsexy. If documentary filmmakers have access to a great deal of archives—the film is only woven from visual images of the time—these behind-the-scenes images are imbued with an almost old-fashioned candor.

Dominic Latty

real family

Beware the souls of mothers with sensitive hearts. This little gem of a movie will bring some tears to your eyes. Special mention to the dialogues, both spontaneous and perceptible, the play of the actors (both old and young), the endless mastery.

Sylvia Gallibou


Noémie says yes

It is a favor that Genevieve Albert does us with her first feature film, Noémie says yes. Juvenile prostitution appears to us with a heartbreaking realism that evokes strong feelings and then reflection. We come out destabilizing, but we’re also mindful.

Marisa Groggy