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Sur Zeste 2024: Eight chefs will try to win the roast cup

Sur Zeste 2024: Eight chefs will try to win the roast cup

Comedian Debbie Lynch White loves cartoons. Based on the strength of her experience in broadcast leadership Free love And My exit storywill be led by Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard BBQ piecesa new addition to the Zeste channel is expected next year.

The competition will feature young chefs who are passionate about grilling and will cross swords during duels. They will have to impose themselves thanks to the various techniques they master as well as their creativity and sacred fire. The grand winner will leave with a cup of roast at the end of the 10 and a half hours currently being filmed.

The eight chefs who will star in the first season are Simon Godwin-Bouchard (Cantin Urban Chez Simon, Le Bellerive, SJB BBQ), Samuel Joubert (Blog and Books) Mercy move), Dominic Lamirande (Dom Cox), Fanny Lehwiler (co-in Wood heads And in the show Bosses!), Mathieu Masson-Dusseppe (Jellyfish crudo + drinkon), Jean-Ronny Puteau (co-show 3.2.1 Grill), Dominique Rioux (Gras Dur) and Hugo Saint-Jacques (Zeste, Dock619, co-presenter Bosses!).

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Two bosses will face each other in each episode. A theme inspired by an ingredient will be superimposed on them in order to create two dishes. Antonin Mousseau-Rivard will decide the winner.

Reportedly, Debbie Lynch-White is a fanatic of barbecue. In addition to bringing her energy and humor to every episode, she will reportedly not hesitate to “apply pressure when the time is right”. We already feel that the temperature will rise quickly in front of the grill.

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Antonin Mousseau-Rivard is known to the general public thanks to his restaurants Le Mousso and Le Molière. He is the son of actress Catherine Mousso and singer-songwriter Michel Rivard.

Produced by Trio Orange, in association with Quebecor Content, the show BBQ pieces It was filmed in a “festive and urban setting” that resembled a “pop-up restaurant,” according to details provided to QMI.