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Festival d’été de Québec: The big “feast” of Pitbull sets the plains on fire

Festival d’été de Québec: The big “feast” of Pitbull sets the plains on fire

You had to arrive early on a Friday night to come and dance at the big Pitbull “Festival” while the plains, turned into a huge dance floor, were closed off by “Mr. Worldwide”.

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After a few gloomy days and two evenings canceled this week due to inclement weather, festival-goers have been looking, and with good reason, for a good dose of ‘party’. And multi-generational rapper Pitbull has delivered the goods.

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

Without being asked, the Cuban-American quickly launched the success machine, surrounded by his dancers in light costumes, with don’t stop the party. Que no pare la fiesta, don’t stop the party [Que la fête continue, n’arrête pas la fête]he sang, recalling the success of 2012.

Success after success

The 42-year-old singer was in great shape and the crowd went wild. Crowds could be heard screaming from the opening notes of his songs, many of which reached the Billboard Top 100 hit charts at some point in his career, which began nearly 20 years ago.

“Dale! [Allons-y!]He left it to add a good hip thrust on several occasions, before sending out hits like the hotelAnd Gasolina or fireball, which he performed twice instead of once. You had to be insensitive not to want to follow the fiery rhythm of the Miami artist.

Festival d'été de Québec:

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

Referring to this city in Florida, where he grew up, he also introduced himself under the name Mr. 305, referring to its area code. It is also the name of his record company.

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Black shirt and sunglasses

Dressed all in black and sporting his sunglasses, Armando Christian Perez was visibly happy to find his Quebec fans, whom he hadn’t seen since his last visit to the now-defunct Colisée Pepsi, in April 2012.

Festival d'été de Québec:

Didier Debucher/Journal de Quebec

The singer, a father of six from more than one union, provided an overview of the many collaborations he’s made over the past two decades, through a few compilations. Thus we were able to remember the room On the ground Accompanied by Jennifer Lopez, Love her, with Enrique Iglesias, feel this moment With Christina Aguilera and It rained on me With Marc Anthony, to name a few.

It’s finally turned on Give me everything He finished his program, thanking his audience warmly, but without a reminder.

An evening Quebec will not forget.

Jamaican scents

Before the Latin star, the young singer Kofi made her first appearance in Quebec, in front of a site that was already packed.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter performed with a touch of reggae sung in Jamaica, from her country. Smiling and relaxed, the young woman allowed herself a famous gesture to Bob Marley, pushing the first notes of popularity A fedayeen song.

Flips and frank words

It was Honduran-born Montreal singer Isabella Lovestore who opened the ball yesterday, delivering candid reggaeton with electric accents. It was all there to ignite the crowd, ready to celebrate.

Dressed in a tight metallic pink bodysuit, the 30-year-old artist began weak hip thrusts, which later became abundant.