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Drummondville innovates by drawing on scientific advice, thanks to a partnership with the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières • Néo UQTR

Drummondville innovates by drawing on scientific advice, thanks to a partnership with the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières • Néo UQTR

Thanks to an innovative partnership with the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), the City of Drummondville and Drummond Economique will be able to support their ideas and decisions about science more than ever before by being able to rely on the creation of a council. world.

This scientific council will play an advisory role by becoming a channel for transferring knowledge and knowledge produced in the university research environment to stakeholders in the city and Drummond economically, the partners explained in a press conference. Drummondville has thus become one of the first cities to rely on a community of scientific experts of this kind, said Mayor Stephanie Lacoste.

“What an honor it is to be the first city to enter into a partnership of this scale with UQTR! For us, it is about continuing the close relationships we have built with the university, and above all with Drummondville Campusthen with National Center for Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing (CNIMI). She said: “In an increasingly complex and sophisticated world, collecting expert opinions and basing our decisions on a scientific basis seems to be the most appropriate for us.”

“When our partners in Drummondville invited us to make their current and future decisions based on the advice of scientific experts, we were pleased to be able to contribute!”, added UQTR President Christian Blanchet. “Once again, the Center du Québec region, the Drummond Economic City and the City of Drummondville and QUT manage their partnerships and innovation support to maintain lasting and thriving links. »

Three targeted sectors of activity

The partnership, which has an initial duration of three years, targets three priority areas of activity in which professors from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières are committed as expert members within the Scientific Council.

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These areas and the experts associated with them are:

The City of Drummondville and Drummond Economics have identified these areas because the issues of energy and environmental transition, environmental protection, sustainable and circular economic development, smart manufacturing and low-emission energies are crucial to the future of the region. Furthermore, UQTR has expertise that can develop knowledge in these sectors, sectors that form an integral part of the strategic planning and development of the Drummondville and Drummond Economic City.

Moreover, it should be noted that the partners have agreed on the possibility of cooperation in other promising areas of activity during the agreement, depending on evolving needs.

CNIMI: Leadership role

There is no doubt that CNIMI represents a key vector for creating a center of excellence in intelligent manufacturing. Drummond Economique also wants to place this player at the forefront of the sector's development strategy, as confirmed by its General Manager, Gerry Gagnon.

“For complex files and decisions that require greater depth, we are convinced that science must play a pivotal role in our enlightenment. Moreover, the topics chosen as part of this agreement demonstrate our commitment and determination to better master these areas in order to excel and ensure the achievement of Benefits to our community.

Note that the formation of this scientific council will also lead to spreading a scientific and innovative culture, both within the various municipal teams and among Drummond Economic employees.