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Quebec Summer Festival: LOVA had time to experience great feelings

Quebec Summer Festival: LOVA had time to experience great feelings

On the plains, before the storms came and forced the cancellation of all performances, rapper Lova had time to experience great feelings.

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“I saw my first show at 14 on the plains. It was Atreyu and Linkin Park with my cousin. I knew I’d be doing FEQ one day, but I didn’t think I’d start on the plains,” he said, after the title moa.

When he woke up this morning, Lufa was not far from imagining what would happen to him.

Stephens LeBlanc / Le Journal de Quebec

After Lil Durk’s American cancellation, due to alleged health issues, FEQ was forced, at the last minute, to rearrange the lineup for their big evening of hip-hop on the plains. We contacted LOVA, an artist from Quebec, to have him release the whole thing at 7 p.m.

At 1 pm, DJ, who was in Montreal, rushed to his car to set off for Quebec.

A rising star of Quebec hip-hop, LOVA drew from four vocal versions to perform a whirlwind, dynamic performance of nearly thirty minutes. Accompanied by guitarist and keyboardist Pierre-Olivier Couture and a DJ, LOVA received a standing ovation from the crowd, which was sparse at the time.

“We wondered if we were going to do a FEQ exam this year, but we thought it would be best to wait and do more Internshipssaid the rapper from Quebec. It’s over now.

LOVA celebrated this moment by doing some action Suffering from congestion As he did in the past on the plains. The musicians left and we heard them laughing into the microphones as they left the stage.

in apathy

It was a bit nonchalant, then, that Montreal-Ethiopian Naya Ali, accompanied by a guitarist, drummer and dancers, gave her performance.

Too bad, because she has so much confidence. Serves hip hop with goodness beats And beautiful musical texture.

Stephens LeBlanc / Le Journal de Quebec

Naya Ali made a great entrance using Stealing and effectsAuto tuning in his voice. She was heading back to the station, but for some hard-to-understand reason, she had a lot of trouble getting the hip-hop fan to respond. Maybe people are not familiar with its material.

She succeeded at the end of her performance after the titles Ali’s flight And More lives, fewer nameswhen I approached the audience during Str8 Upand even take a few steps near the onlookers.

The bad news

Canadian rapper Bbno$ took to the stage early, introduced by a DJ, who spun scraps of YMCAl Barbie bride Based on Gangnam style.

Stephens LeBlanc / Le Journal de Quebec

After a few short songs, at a time when it felt like an elevator, with people jumping in unison in front of the stage, Bbno$ indicated that a storm was coming and that he had to leave the stage. The site was evacuated, and thunderstorms began thirty minutes later.

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Securitymen escorted the rapper backstage. Putting an end to a very strange day. A very good one for LOVA and a lesser one for hip-hop fans, who, let’s face it, weren’t very many on the plains. Youngest crowd since the start of the summer festival.