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Stuck in the Frozen Arctic: A luxury cruise ship is freed from a fjord

Stuck in the Frozen Arctic: A luxury cruise ship is freed from a fjord

The luxury Australian cruise ship Ocean Explorer, which has been stranded since the beginning of the week off the island of Greenland, will be able to sail again after being released on Thursday.

The Danish Military Command in the Arctic said the boat, which was carrying 206 passengers and crew members, was freed in the morning by a fishing and research vessel, CNN reported.

The Ocean Explorer crew had previously tried several times to refloat and get out of the shallow water, but to no avail. Another Danish boat was on its way to help him.

Sunstone, the company that owns the ship, said in a statement: “No one was injured on board the ship, the environment was not polluted, and the hull did not explode.”

He added: “The ship and its passengers will now be transported to a port where the damage to the bottom of the ship can be assessed, and the passengers will be transported to a port where they can be returned to their homes.”

Spirits were still high among passengers who had to pay nearly US$33,000 for a place on the boat operated by travel agency Aurora Expeditions.

According to Liz, a passenger interviewed by American media, the main fear on board the plane was running out of alcohol, as she noted with humor.

“I took swimming lessons before I came and I am a good swimmer. So be careful: I can swim back to Iceland.”

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