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A man was arrested after he touched a journalist’s buttocks on live television

A man was arrested after he touched a journalist’s buttocks on live television

A Spanish journalist was broadcasting live on the streets of Madrid when a man approached her and touched her buttocks. The police quickly arrested the man for committing acts of a sexual nature.

On Tuesday, Cuatro reporter Issa Balado was reporting live on local store clerks who beat up a suspected shoplifter. That’s when a man approached her unobtrusively from behind and grabbed her buttocks.

Screenshot on Instagram: @isabalado

Ballado explained to him that she was in the middle of a live broadcast and did not want to talk to him. She then tried to continue her coverage until host Nacho Abad intervened in the studio.

Issa, sorry to interrupt, “Did he just touch your ass?” Abbad asked. “Yes,” Balado replied, looking uncomfortable.

The host then insisted that the journalist show the perpetrator’s face to the camera.

“Even if you want to ask us what channel we’re on, do you really have to touch my ass?” Ballado told the man. “I live and work.”

The man denied touching her. When Balado insisted on touching her, he said he was sorry and tried to shake her hand, but she quickly dodged him.

As he walked away, he tried to ruffle the reporter’s hair, prompting the studio host to call him an “idiot.”

As Ballado tried to end his intervention, the man remained nearby. Ballado claims she was not the only target of his unwanted advances.

Cuatro TV immediately contacted the police and the 25-year-old suspect was arrested.

The incident sparked public outrage in Spain and was condemned by government officials as well as the Cuatro channel.