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Presidency 2024: Where is the Biden campaign?

Presidency 2024: Where is the Biden campaign?

during the latest the ring from the podcast Hacks on Tapco-hosts David Axelrod and Mike Murphy, along with their guest, former North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, ​​tackle a question that seems to be on the minds of many Democratic strategists these days: Where is Joe Biden’s presidential campaign?

The President has certainly participated in fundraising activities and delivered a keynote address on his economic approach. But he has not yet put in place the infrastructure for a proper presidential campaign. The headquarters for this campaign in Wilmington, Delaware, has yet to open. Recruitment of personnel for activation there, nor deployment of troops to key states has not yet begun. Data on the candidate’s fundraising since the launch of his campaign is still awaited.

Referring to the situation, Axelrod, former strategist for Barack Obama, asked Heitkamp: “What’s going on? In response to the question, the former senator alluded to her recent conversation with former House Speaker Dick Gebhardt.” [Biden] He was not a candidate. »

I must say that this was not the first time I had heard such an opinion on a podcast about American politics. Not long ago, a well-connected journalist was reporting a rumor that Biden would eventually withdraw his candidacy.

Axelrod does not believe in such a possibility. “It surprises me,” he said, referring to the embryonic status of Joe Biden’s campaign. “In my opinion, this is not a sign that he is not a candidate. This is a sign that he will have a large backlog to fill.”

Over the past few days, Politico and CNN have published articles on the subject (here And here). The two outlets indicated that Barack Obama could indeed, in July 2011, count on an impressive infrastructure to conduct his re-election campaign. A former member of his campaign team says today that this infrastructure was not needed at this point. But there is a difference between everything and nothing.

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In any case, the date must be remembered: July 15th. On this day, by law, all presidential candidates must disclose how much money they have raised since launching their campaign (Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have already announced their numbers). In 2011 Obama announced a harvest of $86 million. What will be Biden’s harvest? And what would she say about the existence or vitality of her campaign? Stay tuned.

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