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Stress, depression and loneliness are new factors for long-Covid

Stress, depression and loneliness are new factors for long-Covid

A study has found that Long-CoVid may be linked to the mental health of people with it. Credit: HANDOUT/FDA/AFP

TheCovid disease, which affects millions of people around the world, is linked to the mental health of patients. According to a study published in Scientific Journal Gamma Psychiatryrelayed by slateChronic fatigue, mental distress, or shortness of breath that persists for months or even years after contracting COVID-19 is linked to stress, anxiety, depression, or loneliness.

According to the researchers behind this study, “These stressors would be more predictive of duration of COVID-19 infection than physical comorbidities such as a history of hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, asthma, and cancer.” Science alert. Andrea Roberts, a neuro-epidemiologist at Harvard University, believes that “people do not take these disorders as seriously as they might take physical health conditions. […] Then it becomes very important to look at mental health, and this raises the broader issue of the importance of identifying and treating mental health problems.”

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To educate the public about the importance of mental health

The research focused on a sample of 3,000 nurses suffering from Covid-19, who were studied for nineteen months. The study concluded that people with mental disorders prior to injury were 30 to 50% more likely to suffer from mental disorders. […] read more

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