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Space: An asteroid will hide a star overnight from Saturday to Sunday

Space: An asteroid will hide a star overnight from Saturday to Sunday

On the night of Saturday 22 October to Sunday 23 October, a stellar disappearance will occur in the French sky. The French Astronomy Society encourages as many people as possible to collect data about the asteroid. explanations.

Let the amateur astronomers get ready. If you’re in Pau, Limoges, Bourges, or Reims, or at least along the strip that runs through these cities between the Southwest and the Ardennes, you can take part in a NASA mission by observing the night sky from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd October.

Target? Learn more about an asteroid called Eurybate, over which the American Lucy probe, which left Earth a year ago, will fly in 2027.

Specifically, at about 4 am, the asteroid Eurybate will pass in front of a star in the constellation Gemini. By disappearance, this star disappears, and then reappears for several seconds.

Learn more about the asteroid thanks to you

This phenomenon is of great interest to scientists around the world, but they need help collecting as much data as possible. The French Astronomy Society offers to those who wish to observe this astral magic. Specifies: “We invite as many people as possible to check whether the star is disappearing or not. This will make it possible to determine the orbit of Eurybate. With the timing of this phenomenon, it is also possible to calculate the size and shape of the asteroid.”

All information to participate in this data collection is on the association’s website: More than 800 people have already registered.

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