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Vijayak.  Roberto Fonseca captures the Mitterrand space

Vijayak. Roberto Fonseca captures the Mitterrand space

Roberto Fonseca, Friday, October 21, at the invitation of the Cultural Services of the Astrolabe, occupied the Mitterrand space theatre, for an exceptional concert, in front of a full house and was completely acquired. A moment of true blessing for all spectators.

Because he steals from Roberto. On the keyboard, his fingers draw arabesques from which he escapes with thousands of notes, like so many sparks. Accompanied by two talented performers, Rolly Herrera on drums, and Yandy Martinez on bass, he sets off on an extraordinary musical journey, taking him from Cuba, his mother island, to an unknown frontier. Revisiting its traditional rhythms, it limits urban music, flirts with rock, and indulges in a great breath of jazzy air, before returning to Bossa, not without offering mambo dance lovers for great evenings.

Through musical dialogue with his followers, Roberto Fonseca gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves in frantic and frantic solos. On the one hand on the piano, the other on the synthesizer, he also presents himself with long moments of musical abundance, which not even the angels dare to disturb. Roberto Fonseca’s concert is a unique moment, an arc, a communion, from which one arises nourished with unyielding joy.

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