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Steven Spielberg gives his opinion on the film and its director Denis Villeneuve

Steven Spielberg gives his opinion on the film and its director Denis Villeneuve

During a discussion with Denis Villeneuve, Steven Spielberg gave his opinion on the Canadian director's latest film, Sand Dunes: Part Two.

Since the release Sand dunes 2Denis Villeneuve is overwhelmed with congratulations on his latest baby, and he deserves it! Between the mostly (very) positive reviews from critics, good feedback from viewers and huge success at the box office, the director must certainly be over the moon. Even Christopher Nolan gave his opinion on the upcoming film So no one can miss this phenomenon Sand Dunes: Part Two.

While Denis Villeneuve and Hans Zimmer confirmed (almost). Sand dunes 3, another director recently returned to the second act of Paul Atreides' adventures. That director is Steven Spielberg, who wanted it too Give your perspective on Denis Villeneuve's feature film.

DUNE 2, “One of the greatest movies”

They both go through the final episode of the podcast The director snapped At the DGA Cinema in Los Angeles, Denis Villeneuve and Steven Spielberg participated in a question and answer session with the audience in attendance during the taping. And when the topic is Sand dunes 2 was placed on the table, Spielberg was full of praise for the Canadian director:

You've made one of the most amazing sci-fi movies I've ever seen […]. There are filmmakers who are world builders […]. He started b (George) Méliès, Disney, Kubrick and George Lucas. Ray Harryhausen, who I also included on this list. Fellini built his own worlds. Tim Burton. Obviously Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, and Guillermo del Toro. The list is long, but it's not too long, and I believe in you deeply and deeply (Denis Villeneuve) She is one of the new members.

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It is true that it shines

Water and sand are connected in the desert

No wonder Denis Villeneuve blushed a little upon hearing such massive compliments, especially coming from a legend like Spielberg. The American director did not stop there, but moved on to the film itself, especially to the scene he witnessed Paul Atreides rides his first sandworm:

It's a desert love story, but for a film that loves the desert, there's a great longing for water. For all the sand in this movie, it's really about the water. Holy waters that long for green meadows and blue waters of life. Visualize the desert to make it look like the ocean, the sea. Sandworms look like eels. And the sandworm surfing scene is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Views. you all (Villeneuve) Make the desert look like liquid“.

Dune: Part Two: Photo, Timothée Chalamet, ZendayaDune: Part Two: Photo, Timothée Chalamet, ZendayaVilleneuve and Spielberg, a true love story

With these words, Steven Spielberg ends up naming Denis Villeneuve as one of the most popular directors of recent years, and undoubtedly also one of the upcoming ones. We can also imagine that the American, like us, will be very attentive to what Villeneuve offers us in his future projects. Whether it takes place on Arrakis, or on other unexplored worlds.