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François Lambert apologizes to his fans for lying on TV

Francis He also admitted that he loves to play “angry men»:

I liked it, he played the angry guy. I found myself well. I have a right to find myself well. I was so good I almost cried, really. I know you were mad at Julie…»

Discomfort, not funny. We’ll tell each other, it’s not funny when you feel unwell. You never want to be next to someone who is afraid. Quite obviously! It was an April Fool’s Day, they asked me to do it. I got into the game and it worked so well that yesterday I was the most popular person in Quebec and ranked 14th in Canada. This is to tell you how it went! I was surprised!»

Julie called me, because I’ve been peeing on her and she’s bothering me for three years and there’s been a buildup I don’t like and she doesn’t like me and it just went on. She calls me and asks me to do a trick. do it! Arranged with the opinions guy and it was so good! It was a pleasant surprise to me!»

Yes, I had to lie to you! That was the goal, do a build! It has succeeded! […] I apologize for cheating on you for a day, but you understood it was just a gag. I don’t do that every day!»

Francis He also ends by saying that he is looking for an acting job, asking for an audition from Fabian of Thrones.…but backs away and finally says she “retired”. Girl’s face! poor fellow Fabien.

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