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Stay a pedal in America

In recent years, Pedal has become more popular in the United States and has led to several Pedal projects.

How to Stay a Padel in America? Uncle Sam’s country is not immune to Patel fever. In recent years, the discipline has become more democratic in the country and has created several pedal programs. An overview of the can’t-miss padel clubs in the US.

Florida: Wynwood Padel Club and Cliff Drysdale Tennis Garden

Florida is one of the fastest growing areas for pedal in the United States. Cliff Drysdale Tennis is located at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne. Although the majority of tennis courts are within Cliff Drysdale, three paddle courts have been called to this prestigious Miami club in recent years. Playing surrounded by palm trees is always a dream.

How can you talk about Florida without mentioning the Wynwood Padel Club? This is the unmissable club in Miami. It has six semi-open courts and two outdoor courts. The resort is located 10 minutes from Miami Beach. Last year, the club hosted the “Wild Card Tournament” of the WPT Miami Padel Open. In addition to its eight lanes, Wynwood Paddle Club has a pro shop where you can buy the equipment you need to play but also take advantage of a catering service. Perfect for relaxing after a good game.

Las Vegas: Real Rocket Academy Padel

After building the first structure in Dubai in 2012, Real Rocket Academy opened its second club in Las Vegas in 2018. The center has eight outdoor courts. The 2022 Senior World Championship was held at this sports complex. RRA also has a club house, perfect for a beer with your partner and your rivals!

New York: Pedal House

New York is undoubtedly the best city in the world. Lately, the Big Apple wants to become a pedal temple. Last July, the city’s first pedal club opened: Pedal House. The creation of this sports complex was the work of Santiago Gomez, who aimed to unite his two passions: padel and catering. The Patel House is located in Brooklyn, more precisely in the Williamsburg district just a few subway stops from the center of Manhattan. This location is perfect if you want to hit the town after the game. The club has four tracks, a clubhouse and a pro shop. One thing is for sure: Pedal House will be the catalyst for pedal clubs in New York, the first hub in the city and won’t be the last!

Clubhouse Patel House New York

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So before embarking on your Patel road trip in USA, don’t forget the essentials you need