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Rishi Sunak upgraded the power grid to heat his mansion’s swimming pool

Rishi Sunak’s private swimming pool was recently installed at his mansion in a remote part of North Yorkshire in the north of England. And According to GuardianShe consumes “too much energy” That “The local electricity network needs to be modernized to meet its demand.”

when “Many Britons face rising electricity bills and struggle to control their energy use”The daily explained that work was indeed carried out to increase the capacity of the national electricity distribution network to the British Prime Minister’s residence, noting that those around him declined to comment.

In 2015, shortly after becoming MP for Richmond, Sunak bought the house for £1.5m (€1.7m). “Usually”, Frequently “In the Helicopter”, to spend his weekends there. According to GuardianThe Prime Minister recently built a heated swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis court on the grounds of the mansion.

Rishi Sunak “In addition to the cost of the energy consumption caused by the swimming pool, he will personally bear the cost of the work to upgrade the electrical network, estimated at several tens of thousands of pounds,” Mentions daily.

This new swimming pool was built on agricultural land until recently. “Used for grazing animals”. Prime Minister “He would have paid for the work out of his personal funds and there is no indication that he used his position to obtain preferential treatment from Northern Powergrid, the manager of the local electricity network”.

It is true that the Prime Minister wants to have a 12 meter long private pool and many municipal swimming pools. “Especially in the field”are controlled “To reduce the range of their opening hours due to the increase in energy prices”.

This week, explain security guard, A House of Commons committee called on the government “To help swimming pools in the next budget, 350 of them have recently suggested closing or reducing their hours”.