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Star Académie Rating: The audience doesn't agree with Lara Fabian this time

Star Académie Rating: The audience doesn’t agree with Lara Fabian this time

This Monday, during her weekly postmortem autopsy, Lara Fabian placed five candidates for evaluation, as usual.

This week, Audrey Louise has found herself in the arena and viewers aren’t happy to see her in this precarious position.

They find that the reasons given by the manager for placing her in the appraisal are unsatisfactory.

Lara Fabian said on Monday to justify her choice: When I saw her show up, one of you said, “She’s cute.” It’s a bit that the director is going to take out the scalpel today. When you have the skills that you have, I say you can take the risk. There is something to add, from time to time to scratch the disc a little. »

Audrey Louise seemed upset by the manager’s comments, but indicated that she didn’t want to be “nice”. ” I’m not twelve “, She said.

Finally, the young woman is criticized for being too “nice” and “perfect”, which, for the audience, does not pass. Let’s see this Tuesday if Audrey Luiz knows” Scratch the record a little » In the evaluation in front of the teachers

Let us remember that for the time being unanimously, Both viewers and academics see Audrey Louise winning Star Academy.

During her autopsy, Lara Fabian made us laugh by commenting on Patrick Broel’s crap. More details here.

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