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Beachclub: $1.8 million stand-off with tax authorities

Beachclub: $1.8 million stand-off with tax authorities

Pointe-Calumet Beachclub management is challenging tax authorities for contracts with foreign artists and protecting one of its subsidiaries from its creditors in an effort to find common ground.

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“These are taxes that should be returned to the artists,” he replied Newspaper The building’s owner, Olivier Primo, ruled not to be taxed on a bill that might include the stars’ travel expenses.

We want to pay in full, but we want to pay the real amount. […] The entrepreneur continued: We want to start from scratch and look to the future.

The latter makes it clear that it is up to his forces to demand tax cuts on fees paid to foreign artists. However, this amount sometimes includes an out-of-view fee that should not be charged, he believes.

On February 7, the event’s subsidiary Beachclub, registered under a numbered company and shareholder Gestion Di Primeau, according to the Companies Registry, placed itself under the protection of bankruptcy and insolvency law with the intention of proposing it to creditors.

Thus, the administration hopes to write off its debts before the next summer season and erase some of the scars caused by the effects of the epidemic. Without an agreement with the creditors, the latter can claim the property.

This company has a debt of $1.8 million, divided equally between Revenu Québec and Canada Revenue Agency. These are the only two creditors. Groupe Serpone guardian is responsible for this file.

Revenu Québec preferred not to comment. Claims go back to 2019.

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Not the first financial glitches

This is not the first time that the management of the beach club has faced financial problems. In February 2021, Newspaper You mentioned that many suppliers, between seven and eight, are still waiting for payment.

Today, all of these companies had received their paychecks.

Primo does not hide that the juvenile branch of the group has been severely affected by COVID-19. The entrepreneur estimates $1.9-2.5 million in losses and lost profits for about two years.

Prior to the pandemic, Point Calumet Beach Club regularly hosted prominent international stars.  Here, Daddy Yankee, in 2018.

archive photo

Prior to the pandemic, Point Calumet Beach Club regularly hosted prominent international stars. Here, Daddy Yankee, in 2018.

As another dispute, the Beachclub was also taken to court by the Régie de Police du Lac des Deux-Montagnes, which has demanded nearly $250,000 in security costs during events dating back to 2019.

Mr Primo says he agreed, yesterday, to pay the financial offer made by the Police Department.

look to the future

The Beachclub president now wants to turn the page on the past two years that mishandled his organization’s finances. He’s hoping to perform a dozen big shows at the Beachclub this summer. He says he also has several other projects in his funds.

“With everything that’s going on with COVID-19, we’re excited, but we still have to keep ourselves a little embarrassed. […] We must be positive this year and we are happy.

As for the group’s product being sold in grocery stores, such as frozen poutine, hamburgers and Beach Day drinks every day, Mr. Primo stresses that sales are going very well.

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