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SpaceX: Stunning images of Falcon 9 in front of the sun

SpaceX: Stunning images of Falcon 9 in front of the sun

For the eyes of the eye, here are 3 great photos of the launch pad yesterday morning May 18th in Florida Falcon 9 With 53 miniature satellites from starlink constellation at its apex.

Professional photographers regularly attend the launch SpaceX (There, it was the third in five days!), On behalf of the companyElon Musk Or for the media, take very beautiful shots of each trip (there are a lot of them). And some happen to stand out for their astounding beauty, deliberate gradation and effects created in the sky Falcon 9 is reusable. That is still the case today with those photographers who chose to set themselves up against the sun height to pick up Crossing The launcher in front of him immediately after take off. The Rocket He divides the sun into two parts, the sun is like an orange. Blur caused by engines added to disturbance which halosstar Solar energy creates an impressive spectacle that can excite Eye.

On the visible surface of this beautiful and bright Sun, a pair of two dark spots can be clearly distinguished, the active areas 3014 and 3015. These spots are numerous in this period of increased solar activity (Maximum expected in 2025). Someone might burp in the next few days giant eruption.

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