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Roller Champions announced - by surprise - on May 25th on consoles and PC - News

Roller Champions announced – by surprise – on May 25th on consoles and PC – News

It has disappeared from the radar since the beta shutdown was announced. Roller heroes He is still alive and well. As a reminder, two teams of three players will be opposing in rings where it will be a matter of scoring five points to win the victory. Each goal scored will be penalized by one point, but the more rolls the team that has the ball behind it, the more points it will earn for each goal scored. So the goal will be to ensure possession of the ball for as long as possible in order to get as many points as possible in one go or to double the shots to reach the result gradually. Contestants on each team will be able to rely on different techniques to fight in the arena, such as tackles or dribbling.

Obviously, the team’s progression in the rankings will open the doors to ever higher competitions and other limited-time special events. Unsurprisingly, seasonal passes are already planned, with plenty of cosmetics and other items to win. In short, a very classic model that is free to play. Ubisoft specifies that its title will benefit from cross-play functionality between some of the media involved: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. Switch, Stadia, and later versions of Amazon Luna are not likely to be eligible for this service.

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