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Solin puts points on an "i" for her experience with 5 men for me: "It's not a game..."

Solin puts points on an “i” for her experience with 5 men for me: “It’s not a game…”

Solin week in 5 men for me It was definitely the one that caused the most ink to flow out.

This weekend, the main stakeholder wanted to clarify certain things on her Facebook account*.

It’s not a game…”, she says first.

Yes, it’s a reality show, but [la production de] 5 men to me was clear.

They want the candidates to really try to find love! It is not a game. In every possible way, whether it is a game or not, I will remain myself to “win” according to who I am and not the “game” I would set up. »

She adds: The choices I made were to help the people around me as best I could at that moment! »

She gave concrete examples, she spoke in particular The famous Philipwhose position caused a lot of reactions on social networks.

” [J’ai] I questioned Phil several times and told him he is lying loud and clear in all my feelings!!! Because yes, I’m sensitive. And yes I have already lived a few years with someone like him. So I tried to help him without respecting him because despite everything he is not what he deserves (no one deserves that). »

as you say: By leaving him on the show, I very much hope that he has grown up, seen himself and has the necessary support! »

Solin made the decisions, including thiswhich did not necessarily respect the basic plan of the form 5 men for me. ” I made choices that turned the show upside down for production because REAL LIFE is more important than just a game “, she writes.

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We wish him to find love!

* We have permission from the author to share the post here.