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Solar eclipse on April 8: Schools will open in Val de Cerves

Solar eclipse on April 8: Schools will open in Val de Cerves

Education. The Val de Service School Service Center has informed parents of students attending one of its schools that classes will be maintained during the passage of the solar eclipse on April 8. However, school transportation to return home will be modified.

For preschool and elementary school students, transportation will simply be cancelled. Parents are invited to pick up their children after 4:45 p.m.

As for the secondary stage, students will be able to board the bus at 4:45 p.m., that is, later than usual.

Students who were returning home will also not be able to leave school before 4:45 p.m., unless their parents come to collect them from the secretariat, as we read in the Val de Service message.

» It was explained that this reorganization was necessary to allow proper supervision of students during the eclipse. Since the same buses run on the primary and secondary routes, it is impossible to provide school transportation for all students starting at 4:45 p.m. ”

Each student will also receive a pair of approved glasses so they can observe this phenomenon. Val de Service suggests that parents discuss the importance of wearing these glasses with their children.

Various educational activities will also be organized in the schools of the School Service Center related to the passage of the eclipse.

Other school service centers in the governorate decided to suspend classes during this day.

This rare phenomenon is expected to be at its strongest shortly before 3:30 pm in the area. The moon is expected to partially pass in front of the sun between approximately 2:15 pm and 4:37 pm.

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