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The new Splinter Cell will be an open world similar to Halo Infinite |  Xbox One

The new Splinter Cell will be an open world similar to Halo Infinite | Xbox One

Last October, we learned that a The new Splinter Cell game It was really good and under development. At the time, we were only entitled to very little information about this title except that it had been validated by Ubisoft with a desire to “restore fans frustrated from recent projects about licensing.”

Today, this highly anticipated title from gamers is making a name for itself once again.

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Towards an open world like Halo Infinite

Once again thanks to Tom Henderson, we are entitled to the first details regarding the new Splinter Cell. Via his Twitter account, he reveals some details about Sam Fisher’s new adventures:

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell, which is still in its early stages of development, is currently… you guessed it… an open world type of game.

He invokes a “more secret version of Assassin’s Creed” to make his point as well as an open world similar to that offered by Halo Infinite.

While it’s always clear that it’s necessary to be careful about the validity of this type of comment, knowing that a formula prioritizes the open world isn’t too surprising when it comes to discussing Ubisoft’s games.

Remember that the title will be developed by a studio located outside of its traditional base in Montreal. Splinter Cell Blacklist came out in 2013, so nearly ten years later we should be entitled to Sam Fisher’s comeback. The latest news is that the game may be officially announced as early as next year.

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