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The seven articles you shouldn't miss this week

The seven articles you shouldn't miss this week

A new week full of Apple news has just come to an end. Today is a day of rest, but it is also synonymous with taking stock of the past seven days. Some of you may not have enough time to read us every day from morning to evening, so you can greatly benefit from the week's summary that mentions the most read articles during this period.

And that's exactly what we offer you here. Here are the unmissable articles of the week, to read or re-read on, or In the applicationAnd of course to comment. that cannot be missed in the last 7 days

Special mention to our guide to installing the Delta game console emulator on your iPhone.

Latest recent news, to go further

Sources are in English in most cases.

  • Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, unveils its browser for Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows (source)
  • wants to replace the camera app on the iPhone, and it's very successful (source)
  • If you have an Xbox at home, you can now watch movies and series for free on the Apple TV+ streaming platform (source)
  • Instapaper updated (source)
  • The Apple Store in downtown Montreal is moving to a historic location (source)
  • More than two hundred and fifty 3D movies are available for the Apple Vision Pro, according to its manufacturer (source)
  • Big cigara new Apple TV+ series, with a trailer (source)
  • Why is piracy still so popular compared to streaming platforms? (source)
  • Jim Cramer thinks the Apple Vision Pro has a very bright future (source)
  • New features for Vivaldi browser version 6.7 (source)
  • End-to-end encryption, integration with Microsoft Teams, and integration with Copilot are now available for online storage for Dropbox (source)
  • ClearVPN changes its design (source)
  • Reflect Notes takes over the Notes app on iPhone, thanks to artificial intelligence (source)
  • Google Tasks will finally be integrated into reminders created from the note-taking app Google Keep (source)
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Finally, don't miss our recap of the past week.