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Solar Eclipse April 8: Three clusters in the Greater Coaticook area

Solar Eclipse April 8: Three clusters in the Greater Coaticook area

Coaticook. Three activities related to the total solar eclipse, a stunning and rare phenomenon, will be held in the Coaticook area on Monday (April 8).

First, 250 hikers will converge on the trails of Mount Hereford, in St. Hermenegild, to reach the summit to observe the eclipse. All tickets to participate in this trip, which is approximately 13 kilometers long, were sold out very quickly, according to what was specified by the organizers.

On the Coatecoque side, the gathering takes place in Chartier Park, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and the organization Ruesprincipales has put together this special programme. First, Luc Paradis, an astronomy expert, will explain this phenomenon to the audience. Hop Station microbrewery will release a new beer, “Black” Maple, due to the darkness the area will be plunged into for a few minutes. In addition, two tents will be set up where hand and soul lines can be read.

“We will give away glasses to the first 250 people who visit the location,” says Julie Favreau, general manager of Principales Street. There will also be a reveal of a web that will change its appearance in the dark. You can take a selfie in front of the work where it will be noted “Coaticook Eclipse 2024: I Was There”. We hope that people will respond in large numbers. »

Finally, in Compton, the village owners of Érablière organize a “beer garden” type picnic for those with a sweet tooth. The institution involved in making black beer will also serve this drink, in addition to many other food items.

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Beautiful effervescence around this phenomenon

Stephanie Boisvert, tourism development agent at the Coaticook Migrant Resource Center, confirms that there is some excitement around the eclipse. “In our area, there are hostels that will be opening during this period, just before the start of the season. I have also contacted restaurants that are usually closed on Mondays. Some have agreed to open their doors. For others, it has not been easy due to business challenges.”

She adds: “As for other sectors, such as Megantic, Sherbrooke and Magog, they are witnessing excellent occupancy rates in hotel facilities.”

When she took office two years ago, Ms. Boisvert recalls that the preparations surrounding the event were the subject of much debate. “I wondered how we didn't talk about it more. And there, in recent weeks, there has been a media boom. I hope now we have the maximum conditions to observe this phenomenon. »

Remember that Hauts-Cantons School Service Center schools will be closed during this day.

The next total solar eclipse will not occur for more than 80 years, in 2106.