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BIOMORPH Quebec is available on PC

BIOMORPH Quebec is available on PC

It's Good Friday, because a new Quebec game is coming to Steam! BIOMORPH is available on PC, and will also be released on console later in 2024.

BIOMORPH is a beautiful 2D metroidvania game designed by Lucid Dreams Studio, a talented team in Montreal. In this spiritual adventure, you must fight monsters and steal their skins and powers. There's a little bit of everything: platforming, puzzle solving, combat, and a mysterious story to discover your origins.

The launch trailer will give you a little idea of ​​what to expect.

Yes, this is the game that will give you a hard time!

The game took four years of development. Lucid Dreams Studio received support in 2022 from Montreal specialist accelerator/incubator Indie Asylum, which mentored the company to implement production methodologies adapted to small studios. When the first trailer for the game was revealed in 2022, it was met with praise. This high praise has also led to numerous awards and accolades in various competitions here and elsewhere. In short, the hype around the game has been high for a while, so its release has been eagerly awaited.

BIOMORPH is taking advantage of a small discount for a limited time steam. And if you'd rather wait for it on console, it should be released a little later in 2024. We'll let you know!

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