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Telegram demands new user history with Facebook outage

Telegram demands new user history with Facebook outage

Attributed to a configuration error that resulted in the loss of IP paths to its DNS servers, the Big Facebook outage for nearly 6 hours Earlier this week I touched on its other services and apps in addition to its main social network.

Thus, the impact was felt on the Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp apps that are in the Facebook fold, as well as on its ad network or authentication service to connect to third-party sites and apps.

However, the incident appears to have benefited from competing Facebook apps, including messaging apps Signal and Telegram. According to its founder Pavel DurovTelegram has seen a record increase in registrations and user activity.

Not the first in Telegram

We hosted over 70 million refugees from other platforms in a single day. I’m proud of the way our team handled this unprecedented growth because Telegram has continued to operate smoothly for the vast majority of our users.

At the beginning of the year, the secure messaging app formalized the achievement of half a billion monthly active users and the arrival of several million subscribers, capitalizing on that at the time.A confused situation regarding the update of the WhatsApp Terms of Service Synonymous with greater flexibility in sharing data with Facebook.

The stake in Telegram will be to achieve loyalty among the newcomers … without waiting for new setbacks for Facebook.

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