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Singer Florent Bagni suffers from lung cancer

Singer Florent Bagni suffers from lung cancer

French singer Florent Bagni announced on Tuesday that he had lung cancer.

In a short video titled “Excuse me!” The 60-year-old artist shared it on his social media, sharing a short video titled “Sorry!” On his social media, he explained that he had to cancel the end of his concert tour.

“I have to make a pretty special announcement, I won’t be able to finish my 60th birthday tour. I have to cancel all my parties due to a health issue. I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, a cancerous tumor that is very unsympathetic and cannot be performed his surgery,” he tells his fans.

“I have to go through a protocol of six months of chemotherapy and x-rays. I’m sorry. You all know the most important thing in life is health and when you have a problem it becomes a priority.

The artist indicates that the French will nevertheless see him as a coach in the eleventh season of “The Voice” (“The Voice”), in which a large part of the programs have already been recorded.

“My best partner and I put ourselves in a warrior position to face this somewhat special ordeal (…) When all this is settled, we will meet again, and I will come back to finish what I started. Perhaps it will be the Round of 61.”

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