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French singer Florent Bagni suffers from lung cancer

French singer Florent Bagni suffers from lung cancer

Paris | French singer Florent Bagni announced, Tuesday, that he has canceled all remaining concerts of his tour that celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding due to a “cancerous tumor” in the “lung” that “cannot be operated on”.

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In a Tuesday message on Instagram, the “Savoir aime” translator specified that he must “enter into a six-month protocol for chemotherapy and x-rays.”

“I’ve just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, a carcinoid tumor, I’m not very sympathetic, and I can’t have surgery on it,” first reveals Florent Bagni, as he films himself in front of his library.

And in conclusion: “Take care of yourself, be good, when all this is settled, we meet again, I will come to finish what I started, maybe the 61-year-old tour.”

During this one-and-a-half minute sequence, the artist has a serious face, but manages to extract a few light words.

And so, after saying that he was “sorry” (a word he repeats), because he could not “respect” his theatrical obligations, he said, “You’ll still see me in the red chair on (the TV show) The Voice, in great shape, because we’ve recorded it all before.” . Slips “In parentheses, a very interesting season (from The Voice)”.

While waiting to find his audience, Florent Bagni asserts that his “half” must “put themselves in the position of a warrior to face this somewhat special ordeal.”

His 60th annual tour was to run until July 2022.