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Fuego Fuego: Olivier Primo launches the Latin Music Festival for the summer of 2022

Fuego Fuego: Olivier Primo launches the Latin Music Festival for the summer of 2022

After Beachclub, the success of the Metro Festival and participation in the XOXO Show, “small parties” organizer and entrepreneur Olivier Primeau is launching a new Latin music festival in Montreal.

The first edition of the Fuego Fuego Festival is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2022. The Medway Group, in partnership with DNA Live and Sha Entertainment, is responsible for the organization.

The Midway Group is also behind the organization of the Escapade and Metro Festivals and music events at the BeachClub.

In a Twitter post announcing the arrival of his new festival, Olivier Primo jokes that he hopes there are more than two family bubbles there.

The event seeks to reach 15,000 to 25,000 visitors to the festival, according to the Midway Group.

We will not organize the festival if there are health restrictions. With low capacity, we won’t. They tell Narcity Quebec that we are listening to government actions and festival-goers.

The announcement of this new festival was well received on social networks.

With Osheaga, Île Soniq, Heavy MTL, Metro Metro Festival and many other festivals, the introduction of Latin music, in the already generous offering of festivals in Montreal, is sure to please more than ‘a.

Nothing has been announced yet as to what form this new festival will take, but Narcity Quebec has been informed by the Midway Group that the festival will last for one day only. The official date should be announced soon. One thing is clear: He looks so hot! We look forward to learning more.

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