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She dropped the caterpillar costume and made way for the XXL split

She dropped the caterpillar costume and made way for the XXL split

When it’s timeHalloweenIf there’s one person who’s more than expected, it’s Heidi Klum! Thanks to her great creativity and talents for transformation, today she is She is called the Queen of Halloween. This year, it hit again hard by disguising itself as the XXL Edition caterpillar. The party is now over and the model has left her outfit at home to dress up in a sexier, sexier look than she did during her last appearance. Not only is the art of dressing where beauty excels, in terms of sexy clothes, she also knows how to do it.

Heidi Klum: The Queen of Halloween

To impress us this last Halloween, Heidi Klum He thought and worked on his worm costume for two years. Disgusting disguise but it had the desired effect… The least we can say is that we were surprised by the originality…”I like to do something unexpected, so I tried to think of a costume that was very silly, but also familiar, the 40-year-old explained to the American media. Because it’s Halloween, it needs the scary factor, and it’s also filthy and disgusting.“She captivated for Vogue US. However, the party is over and she is once again treating us to a mix that highlights all her assets!

Heidi Klum: sexier than ever

During the last recording ofamerican talentsThe supermodel showed herself in her best form. The beautiful blonde wore a combination of bright red and an XXL neckline to get her jury job done. To impress everyone during this All Stars season gathering the greatest talents that have marked the history of the show, the host chose a look signed by Moschino and Jeremy Scott.

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