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From Star Academy to Starmania

From Star Academy to Starmania

Paris | William Cloutier as a gangster? why not ? Breaking away from his usual band, the singer smudges his tidy image by lending his features to tough guy Johnny Roquefort in the remake of the rock opera. star mania.

William Cloutier is the first to admit it, and Johnny Roquefort’s character is far from what his fans in Quebec would expect. But France is the perfect place to break out of your comfort zone and score your usual at this point. Until now unknown to the public, he holds in his hand a blank page that he can color as he sees fit, without facing anything beforehand.

“I often fantasize about the roles of a young man first, a sensitive boy. I understand it very well, that’s what people know about me. But it’s fun to be able to get away from my identity, and to have a composition role like that of Johnny Roquefort. Every evening I have a virgin audience of 3800 A new spectator to win over,” says the singer, who met him Newspaper In the Musical Seine, the performance hall where star mania Settles for three months of performances.

He’s not the only one taking on this role. He shared it with Lucien Carreau, dit Côme, for the duration of the tour. If he holds the title of “official” student, William Cloutier is not a simple alternative or snack to turn back on. In fact, he’s dressed as Johnny Roquefort every week – sometimes for several shows – in addition to being on stage at all of the shows. Because when the Côme takes command, the kibeki becomes part of the chorus, both vocally and physically.

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“It’s a very formative experience; I discover my dancing skills and have a chance to interpret the hardest songs I’ve had to sing in my entire life,” he explains.

“Beautiful roundabout”

For William Clutter, The Adventure star mania Representing a Beautiful Roundabout, he is now in the City of Light without his wife for the past 10 years and their two sons, Eloy and William, who are 20 months and 6 years old, respectively. Needless to say, distance weighs on his father.

“I am far from my people, far from my directions. My son celebrated his six years without his father last month,” he says shyly.

“But at the same time, I am connected like never before to what I love. It is a very exciting challenge and a wonderful human experience to be able to work with such talented and passionate artists,” continues William Cloutier.


He does not hide them all unchanged; This could be the chance of a lifetime, as he hesitated before packing up and settling in Paris, leaving his routine in Quebec.

But his experience star Academy – as he was separated from his family for several weeks – gave him the confidence to take the leap.

“We call each other every day. I feel distant, but I also feel all the support from my beloved. That is the beauty of our couple. We support each other and keep each other through everything and always come out with winners.”

  • rock opera star mania It is presented in Paris until January 29.