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Selena Gomez is blonde and you should see the result

Selena Gomez is blonde and you should see the result

It seems like all the stars are spreading the word these days, it is time for drastic hair changes, and Selena Gomez is no exception!

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distance Lucy Hale And the Billie Eilish Who has adopted the platinum blonde, it is about Selena Gomez to make the leap to a lighter head.

She surprised her fans by revealing her Rare Beauty account, her makeup brand, her new look, and along the same lines, her gorgeous spring nails.

She says “New look. I have to pick new shades of Blush and Rare Beauty lipstick now!”

Therefore, the person we know usually with her jet-black hair recently opted for a platinum blonde.

One wonders if you follow the example of Billie Eilish, who blurred her color for weeks, as this usually takes place in several stages.

Even though Selena rocked dark brown for several years, she was once blonde in 2017, but the look was short-lived.

France Press agency

We can’t wait to see how long he will keep this beautiful color!

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