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Star Académie: Lunou Zucchini is the Final Female Candidate

Star Académie: Lunou Zucchini is the Final Female Candidate

The “Star Académie 2021” Final will be held between William Cloutier and Lunou Zucchini. The 25-year-old singer, from Saint-Denis sur Richelieu, defeated the women’s semifinals on Sunday at TVA, beating her teammates Rosalie Ayot and Quinnie Clement at the finish line.

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Gregory Charles spoke of “three powerful performances” presented by the contestants earlier in the evening, when he revealed who was the winner at the end of the show.

The Jubilee, with tears in her eyes, struggled to find the words to thank the audience who had voted for her when she heard her name ringing. Luno noted, however, that she and her pals took a lesson in the art of thanksgiving earlier in the season!

Therefore, Luno and William will face each other next Sunday, May 2, to win the “Star Academy 2021” title. The recipient will receive a cash prize of $ 125,000 and a music contract with Musicor, while the ultimate winner will receive $ 50,000.

The penultimate breed of the season was as selective and varied as it was packaged. Between the explosive clip of the overly generous Margo, linking his immortal successes with chains (“Illegal” with Luno, “Provocante” with Queenie, “Wild Cats” with Rosalie and the Pollai sisters, “Eyes of the Heart” with William, and others) and they shouted good luck to each candidate at the end Tracks, and a set of virtual duos with Francis Cabrell (“Petite Marie”, “Encore et encore”, “Te Likeler”, “Je l ‘loves to die” …), we brought back some great Oscar-winning songs from the cinema. With Alexandra Strelski on the piano – while the high mass of Seventh Art was being broadcast at the same time – including “My Heart Will Go On” and “Skyfall” (violin and cello for support), we celebrated unrestrictedly with Valaire and Qualité Motel, the Pollay sisters revealed Unveiled a new song, “Antigone”.

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In honor of Margo, the lead song “Now and Everywhere” was embodied in rock sauce at the opening of the show, and Richard Desjardins added, “When I love once, I love forever.” From the nation. “

We even paid a surprise visit from producer Jean-Philippe Dion and Quebec CEO and President Pierre Carl Bellado, who announced good news with great fanfare: Star Academy will return to TVA in early 2022!

But it was clear that the crowning of the finalists was what created the most expectations, as each of the aspirants has undeniable qualities that could have led her to the final. Although they admitted that they wished to continue their “Star Académie’s” journey, the smiles of Rosalie and Queenie showed immense pride at the end of the variety.

“I am really proud to have had the opportunity to do my compositions, because from the very beginning, I’ve been saying that’s what I want to do when I get out of here,” Rosalie said. The fact that I was able to leave while leaving this last trace makes me feel good. Much of the pressure has gone from our shoulders! We know that we will be part of all the brands, because we will return next week, but in the final, we will not have the same pressure. “

What did our young women learn during this exceptional stay in Waterloo?

“To go into every experiment and prove your identity as an artist,” Queenie said. If things don’t go the way we want them to, don’t let that stop us from doing our best. “

“What I learned the most is to be daring,” Rosalie added. To initiate patterns that are not necessarily ours, it often results in “cool” things. Before, I wouldn’t allow myself to dance in public, for example, and now I have all the tools to start. “

While before Star Academy, Rosalie was finishing CEGEP in Music in Drummondville – and promised to eventually resume her training – Queenie worked as a surgical coordinator at the Eye Clinic. Of course, continuing to compose music is part of their short and long term plans.

“I really started writing the album,” Queenie said. I’m just waiting for the moment to do so. But I don’t think I will wait long! “

“We’ll get out of here with the little working flame,” Rosalie said. An experience like this really inspired me to write. I want to keep writing and releasing another album and playing with different styles. Opening up to new horizons is something that really interests me! “

The songs performed by the at-risk candidates are available on QUB musique and on all broadcast and download platforms.

Luno Cossa (crowd choice)

Many Lunou guessed the win in advance early in the evening, and the bet turned out to be correct. The 2021 finalist spoke a bit about her mother, Los Duvault, throughout her “Star Académie” adventure, but in the semifinals, she committed herself to “De la main gauche,” a play by Daniel Messia that Los Duvault recorded on her album “Billions of Things.” 1998, which still sticks to her skin. As usual, Luno told us these meaningful words in her pure voice, as much as she sang it to us. Arian Moffat and Gregory Charles stood enthusiastically, and Lara Fabian praised how Luno was able to search for the reason for these poignant words with grace, humility and intensity. The competition was strong, but Luno did not steal his title.

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Rosalie Ayot (expelled)

Rosalie procrastinated as the concert approached, having initially planned to perform her piece of music, “My Easy,” then set her sights on Francoise Hardy’s “friendship”, before returning to her initial choice, “My Pleasure.” Text, I wrote two years ago, during a difficult period. Gregory Charles said, after performing the latter, as honest and weak as we know him, even if the audience did not shoot Rosalie in the final, her decision was happy. However, the singing teacher advised his student to bet on a semi-final composition, but changed his mind after the number of young women who praised her talent, voice and personality. Gregory predicted that “in a few years, there will be Rosalie in our musical world,” indicating that he is eager to purchase Rosalie Ayutt’s first album.

Queenie Clement (expelled)

Even if she had to leave on Sunday, she would still be respectful to the end, this Queenie is as loving as she is sensitive. The 29-year-old Montreller, known for her ability to visit all styles, set sail on “I Change,” a Broadway tune originally played by Jennifer Holiday, for her final jeopardy. We would have liked to see Queenie having fun in a festive and a little bit lighthearted way, but the young woman was sovereign and opened her heart and her courage to make us feel emotions. Aryan Moffat only had the kind words of the student. “You are one of those who took every opportunity (…) All that we offered you, benefited from (…) You have an iron will! You are a great artist!” Insisted the music composition teacher.

William Clotter – 25 – Victoriaville

Lunou Zucchini – 25 years old – Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu