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Sean Paul happens to date FestiVoix

Sean Paul happens to date FestiVoix

By mid-afternoon, there were many people in town. On the street are people who speak English and don’t live in Trois-Rivières, Becancourt or Chawinigan. The Jamaican star clearly relies on the faithful who are willing to travel miles to come and see him.

On the way to the site, there are many more security guards and police than on other evenings. The atmosphere is good, people are here to have fun.

heavy crowd

The river stage floor was full. Usually, spectators installed on the slope facing the platform sit on the ground and sometimes lie down. Tonight they were all awake. The last time I saw a lot of people was at a birth show. Again, I wonder if there won’t be more tonight.

At the back of the stage, a large flag of Jamaica. Under this tropical heat, it feels like it. Accompanying Sean Paul are friends, musicians and dancers who clearly intend to make the floor of the River Theater the largest dance floor Trois-Rivières has ever seen.

Everyone dances

He hits Get busy, she doesn’t mind, new parts. Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton, Afrobeat era. We got a number twerking Next level, making Miley Cyrus look like a freshman. People sing and dance everywhere, everywhere and everywhere. Sean Paul asks for it over and over again. Want me to stay? do you want me to go (Do you want me to stay? Do you want me to leave?) asks the crowd. The Jamaican artist moves, dances and jumps. He is tireless. The atmosphere is absolutely crazy. I’ve never seen that before, it’s the biggest we’ve had DisplaysShe is amazed to see what is happening before our eyes, says Naomi Russo, Communications Coordinator at FestiVoix. You look at me and ask: So the pop music of Trois-Rivières is a big yes?

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Sean Paul ends his show a little breathlessly in his apotheosis Temperature Under a shower of confetti. We would have taken more. At least one reminder. But we’ll go with it. The show will be unforgettable.

Lawrence Nierbon hosted the first segment of The Sean Paul Show.

Photo: FestiVoix/Cyrille Farré

Solid first half

a white puff mattress, decked out in rainbow colors for crowd surfing; FestiVoix volunteers who quench the crowd to rid it of the heat; The atmosphere was festive from the start of Laurence Nerbonne’s show, who delivered a powerful performance as the Jamaican star’s opening act. If you feel a certain pressure of having to perform in front of one of FestiVoix’s biggest crowds, nothing will show. Accompanied by four dancers and a DJ, the artists set the tone for what’s to come. She moved the crowd with aplomb, and her songs with dance accents made the spectators dance. She debuted a new song on her new album in the fall. The piece is titled Rainbow immediately by festival-goers. Everything was perfect to prepare for Sean Paul’s arrival.

And after?

This evening gave way not just to pop music, but to a version of hip-hop that came to us from the south: reggaeton and ballroomI. This music was very popular at the turn of the millennium and was worn by Sean Paul, Pit Paul, Daddy Yankee, J.J. Balvin. By opening the door to these artists, we open the door to the dances that are part of the hip-hop movement. And since Trois-Rivières is also a dance city that stands out in world hip-hop dance championships and on the small screen… it’s a big deal for groups of this kind, Naomie, to finally answer your question.

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