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Stalker in “Love on the Meadow”: production reacts

The “Love in the Meadow” productions defended themselves on social media on Tuesday night about allegations weighing in on a protester they will be able to see at the start of next season.

Specifically reading comments regarding Maxime, one of Anne-Sophie’s five ambitious applicants, the production indicated that it took “special concern for the welfare of all its participants”.

Be aware that all contestants and suitors in the series go through a rigorous investigation process. […] Most of the filming was completed and everything was done in a respectful manner. The production indicated on its Facebook page that under no circumstances would any inappropriate behavior be tolerated.

On Tuesday evening, after the unveiling of the suitors who will take part in “speed dating” with the farmers, before being chosen to settle down on the farm, several women shared their unfortunate experience with the so-called Maxim.

Good luck with a stalker like Maxime!!! He’s very mentally unstable!!!! This guy definitely doesn’t deserve attention and being on TV. Good luck to you “dealing with him,” one wrote.

“Totally ok! This guy has harassed me for two years and told me I had no business with anyone but him and that we were meant to be together when I only saw him once..” added another.

Some also said that after rejecting a man’s social media advances, he would borrow new identities to keep in touch with them.

“Make up a crab for me to talk to, he’s obviously unstable and harassing plus maybe he has a thousand account and one account and a fake account to harass us properly!”

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“Has been harassed by Maksim here too, despite never meeting him and really talking… 3 Facebook accounts in his name blocked!!” mentioned one of them.

Season 11 of “Love on the Prairie” premieres January 12th, on Novo.