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Xdefiant: Ubisoft Saguenay's important contribution

Xdefiant: Ubisoft Saguenay's important contribution

The Saguenay studio, which celebrated its sixth anniversary this year, typically works on game pieces Xdeviantit was different.

“We made two cards [maps] At the launch show today. There are 14 cards in total, but two of them are entirely manufactured in Saguenay, from A to Z,” confirmed Sébastien Touraine, associate producer, during the celebration of the official launch.

Xdefiant It is a fast-paced, multiplayer first-person shooter with a lot of possibilities. It has its own visual signature, but many elements of the game are references to other games from Giant, which fans will easily recognize.

Sebastien Touraine is an associate producer for Ubisoft Saguenay.

When starting the game, the player is asked to choose a faction. He will therefore have a choice between cleaners, a reminder of the game to divide, Freedom to Far Cry 6level Splinter cell,Dedsik Watching dogs 2 And delusions Ghost Recon Phantoms. Each faction has its own characters with distinct abilities that the player can discover during the games and missions they complete.

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<p class=Xdefiant It is the latest game from Ubisoft studio. (Ubisoft)

Team work

The Saguenay team has done a tremendous amount of work to be ready for Tuesday's launch.

I worked on the game for three years in collaboration with the San Francisco studio that developed the project.

About forty employees were involved in developing the game.

More specifically, level designers from Saguenay Studio worked on the way of playing. Artists worked on designing the cards, lighting, special effects and sound, adding value to the game. Concept artists were also involved in the game's development.

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Jimmy Boulian is Managing Director of Ubisolvet Saguenay.

In total, there are about forty employees in Saguenay involved in the development of this multi-faceted game. They represent between 30 and 40 percent of the production force at the Saguenay studio.

For Jimmy Boulien, General Manager of Ubisolvet Saguenay, the regional team has proven with this project that it is determined to make a difference.

They were very passionate about creating value for players, all with a small team. They really have a genuine desire to cooperate very closely so that they can pleasantly surprise the player. That’s what really motivates people here.”

Jamie Polian, General Manager, Ubisoft Saguenay

The Saguenay team was able to show its motivation through this project, believes general manager Jimmy Boulian.

The launch of this free-to-play game was celebrated in style on Tuesday. Media professionals were able to go and test the game, in addition to visiting the sites. Partners from Ubisoft Saguenay also participated in the event. The Director General also used this official launch to emphasize the importance of the work done in the region in this still thriving field.

“This achievement shows the vitality of video games in the region and the diversity of talent we have here,” he beamed to the media.

It is possible to play on several sets Platforms. New features will be added to the game over the seasons.

<em>Xdefiant</em> Available since Tuesday.” width=”1440″ height=”0″ loading=”lazy”/></picture><figcaption>
<p class=Xdefiant It has been available since Tuesday. (Marianne L. Saint-Gillet/Le Quotidien)